Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Demonstration

When I demonstrate my presentation I will bring in plastic golf balls and golf clubs for everyone to hit and demonstrate a good swing and allow people to hit the balls. Then show everyone different types of clubs and what they are used for and golf shoes and why people use them. Then show everyone golf bag and all the pockets that are in the bag for different objects like clubs, golf balls, tees, sunglasses, umbrella, and other things that you would put in a golf bag. For my power point I will show different peoples swings like tiger woods and Phil Michelson then show you how to clean your golf clubs and golf balls witch will help you get more solid contact on the ball when hitting it and being more accurate than if the club was dirty. Then I will demonstrate lift clean and place and other golf rules like fall rules and summer rules and show the rule lift clean and place. Then show everyone the proper way to grip the golf club and how to stand when you’re ready to swing. I will also have someone to help demonstrate golfing technique and procedures and help with golf tricks.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Who is the Highest paid Golfer in the wourld?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Questions comanly asked

What kind of golf clubs do I have?
Titlist 905r driver, Ping G5 5 wood, Tailor-made Rescue club, Ping G5 irons, Ping wedges, and Scotty Cameron putter.
Are you in a golf club?
No, But I do belong to High School golf team and i belong to the Brandon golf association.
Do I play in golf tournaments?
Yes, I try to play as many as possible.
What inspired me to start golfing?
My uncle was a big inspiration to me.
How do know if you have the right swing?
No one has the same swing so if you can hit the ball straight and far then you have a swing that works for you.
Can you play other people?
Yes, many people that play little side games like low ball low total and greeny, and wolf.
How much does it cost to golf?
The cost of golf varies on the course but ranges from $15-$300 for 18 holes.
Why do most people play golf?
Golf is a fun sport that many people play because you can play when you’re young and old.
How do you get a birdie?
You get a birdie by making the ball in the hole one stroke less than par.
Is it hard to learn to play?
It’s not really hard to play you just need to put some time into it.
What is your favorite golf course?
My favorite golf course is Brandon Municipal golf course.
How does the scoring work?
It works by using the lowest score you get on a hole and adding all the holes together to make you total score.
How long does a golf game last?
Anywhere from 3.5 hours to 5 hours.
What is a bogey?
A bogey is one over par on a hole.
What is an eagle?
An eagle is two strokes under par witch is a very good score.
How do you rate the game on a scale of 1-10?
I give golf an 8 because it is a fun game anyone can play and has a wide range of places you can play. The only down fall to golf is the cost of it.
Some of the most famous golf courses are-
Pebble Beach
> Monterey Peninsula, California, USA
> Opened: 1919
> Yardage: 6 799
> Par: 72

Augusta National
> Augusta, Georgia, USA
> Opened: 1933
> Yardage: 6 925
> Par: 72

> Oakmont, Pennsylvania, USA
> Opened: 1904
> Yardage: 6 921
> Par: 71

St Andrews, Old Course
> St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
> Opened: Unknown
> Yardage: 6 933
> Par: 72

> Sunningdale, Surrey, England
> Opened: 1902
> Yardage: 6 566
> Par: 72

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

over done

Some golf carts are moded so much that they cant even be used for golfing

Some people that play golf have there own golf cart witch they customize.

Proper way to swing a golf club

Many people when they first start to play golf find it a problem to get their swing right. The trouble that many encounter is that even when it looks right they still cannot seem to progress at the rate that they would like to in order to improve their golf game and lower their overall score. Their game seems to be stuck and they don't know how to move it up a notch. Very often the trouble is that they have never taken the time to learn the proper way to swing a golf club. Many people mistakenly believe that a good looking swing is the key to golfing success, but it is not enough just to look as though you are as good as the next player or the renowned local golfing pro. Just because your swing looks good doesn't mean that you know the proper way to swing a golf club. This is a skill that can take a very long time to master and even then you well probably never know everything.
But there are a few fundamentals and skill sets that are worth learning that can give you a good start to finding out the proper way to swing a golf club. Of course, it won't make you a professional, but it may just help you to cut a few shots off of your golf score and surprise your friends at the clubhouse.

The Perfect Golf Swing - The funniest videos are a click away